2012 International Conference on System Simulation

Shanghai, China

April 6-9, 2012

General Information


     "System Simulation" is an important means of developing high-tech, high-tech development in the forefront. Simulation technology is a computer technology, systems technology, information technology, network technology, image processing, automatic control technology in an integrated technology. With the global economy, rapid development in the aerospace, aviation, military, electric power, chemical, transportation, economic, medical, construction, manufacturing and other areas, extensive use of simulation technology, and made remarkable achievements.

     2012 International Conference on System Simulation will be held in Shanghai, 6-9 April 2012 . The purpose of the meeting lies in the professional field of system simulation of new technologies, new product research, used in aerospace, automotive, military, nuclear, medical and other fields, for their commitment to engage in research and development and application of simulation technology and related companies who provide a face to face communication, exchange and discussion platform to further promote the development of simulation science and technology and progress.